The Ampersand

A Walk Down Post St.


Squarish-roundish eurostyle ampersand.

J & D Liquors: Faded

J & D Liquors. This is the faded, sunny side of the street.

J & D Liquors: Flipside

J & D Liquors. On the darker, not so sunny part of the street.

S & B

S & B Liquors. There are quite a few liquor stores in my neighborhood.
Neon Ampersand Behind Dirty Glass

Neon ampersand behind a very dirty window. I really love this photo.

R &

R &. A nice molded plastic sign. There seems to have been a time in mid-century America where very stretched/extended Helvetica clones were very popular.

Fake Neon

Not neon. Backlit plastic. These cheap signs are killing the traditional craft of neon sign art.

Outlined Ampersand

Some vinyl letters on a window.

Blue Ampersand

This one is ugly and beautiful at the same time.

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  1. allan says:

    i love this, and i’d like to see more ampersands grouped geographically.

  2. Stephen says:

    Maybe regional patterns exist in ampersands. I do know that my neighborhood seems to use plenty of ampersands. Most of them are liquor stores or laundromats. I see a lot of old hand painted signs that could be gone in a few years. These are being squeezed out by cheap computer-cut vinyl letters. These look horrible and frequently have spelling errors. With hand painting, it takes to long to do the sign to make stupid mistakes. With cut vinyl, you hit print.

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