The Ampersand

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Presidio Pet Cemetery Ampersand

A fine specimen. Close-up. This weekend I took a little trip to the pet cemetery in the Presidio. There were plenty of ampersands along with other fine examples of home-grown typography. You can find more info here or you can just view my gallery here.


Many people ask me what typeface I used for the image on the upper left over there. It’s Caslon 540 Italic. From Wikipedia: Caslon 540 was designed by the staff of American Type Founders and released in 1902. The typeface was originally intended for use in advertising and is based on Caslon 471 with shortened […]

London Bridge Bus Station

I have never been, but they serve quality hot & cold food there. I think it is actually a nice ampersand. The tail to the ampersand seems to be an afterthought which is interesting to me.

Bringhurst on the Ampersand

Quoted from page 78 of Elements of Typographic Style (version 2.5) by Robert Bringhurst. 5.1.3 In heads and titles, use the best available ampersand. The ampersand is a symbol evolved from the Latin et, meaning and. It is one of the oldest alphabetic abbreviations, and it has assumed over the centuries a wonderful variety of […]

Cabernet Italic

My pal Chris sent in a picture of his personal favorite ampersand that he happened to have posted up on his wall. It’s from the swashy and very 70s Cabernet italic.

First Post

So why create a blog about the ampersand? Why not. I plan to explore the variations of my favorite typographic character and see where it takes me. I am a designer, but I am not claiming to be an expert absolute authority  on the history and “correct” usage of the &. I have posted a […]