The Ampersand

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These are not Ampersands

Brookline Ice & Coal Interesting, but not really an ampersand. From Stephanie (Lots more ampersands on that link!) Blood $ Beer Definitely not an ampersand, but I would say the backwards dollar sign sort of works here.  Here’s another view. This one is backwards. Another backwards one. 

Chu’s Florist

Jennifer found this interesting specimen in Redwood City. This example is really more like a clef than an ampersand, but I like that you can get birds and flowers all in one place. The sign is a bit faded, but the typography is interesting in it’s own way. Here is another example of a clef.

Not an Ampersand

I am not going to embarrass the loyal reader who sent this in, but I thought it could lead to a nice new series of educational posts called “Not an Ampersand.” This lovely garden sculpture is actually the musical symbol called the clef.