The Ampersand

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Accordion Style Ampersand Book

Andy Mangold a “designer, maker and craftsman” assembled a nice little accordion book for a design project. Reminds me of my days at the Creative Circus.

Show & Tell

Design duo Jo Murray and Dominic Bell have recently setup Shape Studio. Pictured is Show & Tell, a newspaper for the BCUC Graphic Design and Advertising final show in 2006. Shape Studio via It’s Nice That and sent in by Klaartje.

Jeff Canham

The ampersand gave me the excuse to post Jeff Canham’s work. Lots of hand lettering, signage, and Tijuana Brass inspired stuff.

Amper’s and?

Designer and fellow San Franciscan Chris Simmons of MINE writes: Since I was a child I have been fascinated with the ampersand. I used to type my high school papers on a typewriter and that key always stood out to me. “Eh” Be” “Cee” “Dee” “Dollar Sign” “Ampersand?” It was such a strange character and […]

Ampersad :(

No Friends Forever : Liam Devowski Liam Says: Hey, love your blog, maybe you’ll get a kick out of this “ampersad” i think hes upset because nobody knows how to draw him, so “+” gets all the action. His site, NEON GRAY has some pretty cool stuff. I like this nice .gif demonstration as well.