The Ampersand

The Typeface Movie

A film called Typeface came out a long while ago, but today I finally got around to watching this when it showed on my local PBS affiliate. There are plenty of ampersands in this film, but the movie is really about typography, finding balance between commerce and art, a dying craft, and much, much more. I know lots of the design nerds that read this blog already know about this movie and museum, but I encourage everyone that hasn’t seen this documentary or looked into the Hamilton Wood Type Museum to check it out.

Photo by Craig Wills.

Ampersand Student Magazine


Ampersand is a collaborative, student-initiated news-magazine for the Kansas City Art Institute. As students, we felt that there was a communication gap between us, the faculty, staff, and the surrounding community. Thus, Ampersand was born!

We recently finished this issue (Issue 3- Spring 2010), and have plenty of copies! If you’re interested in purchasing one for cheap, email us at

Very nicely done.
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