The Ampersand

Photoshop Brushes

Have you ever wanted to draw pretty pictures using ampersands? Well now you can! Tracee made this set. One in the bottom right that just might be a Chinese character, or maybe just some weird goofy font.

Here what I made with the set.

and here is what they look like:

Download them here.

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  1. &tracee says:

    Each brush has the title as the font it’s from (such as the unknown’s not a Chinese character…it is merely a goofy font called ogrejuice. i try not to judge others visions of ampersands…even if they are octopi or bizarre blocky things…)
    I made the brushes to be used on photos & in the background of my site…but I of course, am in love & stamp them on EVERYTHING!

  2. &tracee says:

    PS. the ogrejuice, it seems, blends right into the font & takes the idea of an & to a +

    So it’s a bit of a cheese stands alone thing….alone, it’s bizarre, with it’s type family, it’s perfection. :)

  3. Anatoli says:

    Link is down!

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