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Another Ampersand Tattoo

I was sent another nice ampersand tattoo by Caroline. She is also a fan of Ampersand Designs on Etsy. Looks pretty nice, maybe I should get one. For other ampersand tattoo posts: here, here & here.

Ampersand Blog in Ready Made

So Nick let me know that this blog has been written up in the world-famous Ready Made Magazine (sewing issue?). I think that’s pretty cool. I really don’t consider this project to be a grammar blog in any way, but it is nice to be written up. Thanks Readymade folks! So here are the other […]


For you people on Facebook, there is a group called the Ampersand Appreciation Society. You are going to have to search for it since the Facebook Walled Garden doesn’t really accommodate direct links. I was just reminded about this by the AAS founder. Thanks!