The Ampersand

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To the Ampersand- a poem

Hello. I wrote this poem this summer, for fun, and came across your blog today and thought I’d share. There is a colon between our two separate parts, let’s add a semi in there to make us depend upon each other. I want to verb you, so we should really just dash out of here, […]

These are not Ampersands

Brookline Ice & Coal Interesting, but not really an ampersand. From Stephanie (Lots more ampersands on that link!) Blood $ Beer Definitely not an ampersand, but I would say the backwards dollar sign sort of works here.  Here’s another view. This one is backwards. Another backwards one. 

Bum Life

I see this stuff everywhere, but never with an ampersand. I really like that Kevin has tagged this: Does anyone want to make a crappy mumblecore movie and use this bro’s handwriting in the credits? Street art like this brings out the grumpy old man in me.