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These are not Ampersands

Brookline Ice & Coal Interesting, but not really an ampersand. From Stephanie (Lots more ampersands on that link!) Blood $ Beer Definitely not an ampersand, but I would say the backwards dollar sign sort of works here.  Here’s another view. This one is backwards. Another backwards one. 

Flour & Water

Add yeast and salt and you could have bread. Maybe this is a graffiti artist joke about wheat paste? Anyhow, this guys is facing the wrong way. That’s a three with a line (almost) running through it. Sent in by Johnny0. link. UPDATE: I just learned the real story behind this from Bilil who writes: […]

Chu’s Florist

Jennifer found this interesting specimen in Redwood City. This example is really more like a clef than an ampersand, but I like that you can get birds and flowers all in one place. The sign is a bit faded, but the typography is interesting in it’s own way. Here is another example of a clef.

Not an Ampersand

I am not going to embarrass the loyal reader who sent this in, but I thought it could lead to a nice new series of educational posts called “Not an Ampersand.” This lovely garden sculpture is actually the musical symbol called the clef.