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Solvang, CA

Solvang seems to be somewhere quaint in California. Never been. Hannah says: Solvang is the original theme town! it was founded in the 20’s (i am pretty sure) by the danish to educate americans about their culture, and inspired a slew of themed towns all over the country that i have been researching

Photoshop Brushes

Have you ever wanted to draw pretty pictures using ampersands? Well now you can! Tracee made this set. One in the bottom right that just might be a Chinese character, or maybe just some weird goofy font. Here what I made with the set. and here is what they look like: Download them here.

Thick & Thin

I can’t post this ampersand because it is made of flash. Feel free to have a look for yourself. Thanks becca.

A & B Lovell

A & B Lovell Bristol Plenty more typographic signage at: